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00ntz Rivet Synth

Sex toy powertool

Electro-Industry Ensemble
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DJ's and musik enthusiasts of Elektronika, EBM, Futurepop, Industrial, Coldwave, Darkwave, Goth, Sythpop, Electro-pop, GOA, Trance, Psytrance, Noizekore, PowerNoize, Experimental, or anything close will find this place welcoming. I'm still updating this page a bit, but it'll get better soon.

Community Benefits:

  • Post flyers about upcoming events
  • Advertise your band/projekt here
  • Post any new info on an upcoming artist
  • And website changes you'd like to share
  • Share musik
  • Advertise your LJ community
  • Meet some interesting folk

Das Rulz:

  • NO BASHING (hate mail, death threats, etc.)
  • No junk posts (free iPod, Click here for spyware, etc.)
  • Post "not work safe" or something along those lines if you post a picture of that standard under an LJ-Cut
  • You pst a pic of yourself and a little background info:

Fav Colour:
Fav Musik genre:
Fav band/projekt:
Your band/projekt:
DJ or not?:
Interesting Info:
Anything Else:
Are you going to tell people to join this community??? Please?:

Thanks and again I will post more later..

1000 homo dj's, 5f_55, 69 eyes, :wumpscut:, alien sex fiend, and one, android lust, angel crisis, apoptygma berzerk, arab on radar, assemblage 23, audra, ayria, backandtotheleft, birthday massacre, bit pixel, bright eyes, brummkreiselband, celldweller, cheerleader 69, cradle of thorns, cruxshadows, ctrl, cyber, david bowie, death lies bleeding, diallektrik, dj redskeÿe, dj synthetic:love, doni inertia, dreamt in blackness, dulce liquido, dust of basement, edgar allan poe, electroearwig, fiendflug, fischerspooner, flesh eating foundation, front line assembly, fuck it up pigface, funker vogt, girls under glass, glis, goth, h.i.m., halovox, hate in the box, hocico, human drama, i synthesist, icon of coil, industrial, infected mushroom, iris, ivory frequency, juno reactor, kill switch...klick, kmfdm, korn, l'âme immortelle, leiahdorus, leætherstrip, lords of acid, lucid dreams, lycia, mak1na, mc gothic, mdfmk, ministry, mission uk, moon rock, namnambulu, negativland, neikka rpm, neurepublik, neuroticfish, nightmare neurosis, nine inch nails, nitzer ebb, nivek ogre, ohgr, orgy, paul okenfold, pigface, pink floyd, powernoise, prick, prodigy, punish yourself, raindancer, rammstein, razed in black, rob zombie, rx, shakespeare, silver apples, simronan, skinny puppy, slayv axis, space cat, spahn ranch, stromkern, subatomicglue, synthpop, system 22, t.a.t.u, tapping the vein, the armageddon project, the cure, the horrorist, the spooky kids, thoushaltnot, underworld, videodrone, virtual server, vnv nation, voltaire, wave in head, waxworth industries, white zombie, william Ørbit, zeromancer