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Caustic's first single out NOW!!!

Hey Everyone,

Caustic’s 666 on the Crucifix digital single is now available on all digital distro sites in the U.S., and on Euro/UK iTunes!

Here’s the tracklist:
1 666 on the Crucifix
2 666 on the Crucifix (Be My Enemy Mix)
3 666 on the Crucifix (Bad Guy Mix by Uberbyte)
4 I Play Computer! (Workman’s Comp Mix by The Gothsicles)
5 666 on the Crucifix (666 On My Deadline Mix by Torrent Vaccine)
6 Chum the Waters (Null Device Mix)
7 Lady Business (Blank Mix)
8 The Completely Unwarranted and Unnecessary Return of Funkbot [UNRELEASED]

Caustic's new full-length The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit is out April 12th on METROPOLIS RECORDS (U.S.) and L-TRACKS MUSIC (EUROPEAN UNION/UK), so preorder now!


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